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It helps to protect from viruses spreads through the air. Natural fragrances of dasangam cup will make you feel the spiritual health of your prayers.


SDC 12X12 , ,

Srimathi Dasangam Sambrani Cup 144 Pieces 12 Cups Per Box  12 Boxes Per Doze

Dasangam sambrani cup easy to use (burn and handle), Which are non – toxic, have a clean and long burn, The goodness of smoke can be used for drying hair of babies and women. Mosquito Repellent, germicide, Creating a divine atmosphere

Exceptional Features of Dasangam Sambrani Cup: 

  • In box contains an aggregate of 120 Hand made unadulterated Sambrani dhoop cups 
  • Cups are made of Charcoal and dried leaves powder 
  • Each cup contain pearls or powder of unadulterated dasangam sambrani or benzoin gum 
  • In the wake of expending, dhoop cups produce the entrancing smell of sambrani. 
  • Valuable for ordinary nuclear family or office use as it helps in the cleaning of air. 
  • Sambrani cup Fragrance 
  • Unadulterated customary  Sambrani tar which will fill your home with sifting scent. 
  • Sambrani is the pitch of a tree. 
  • It is evacuated by making a cut on the stem of the tree. 
  • Devouring Sambrani dhoop is used in ordinary Vedic sterilization of the home similarly as the workplace. 

Favorable Circumstances: 

Assistants In Thought: While reflection the upsides of dhoop cups is long and clear to discard pressure. 

Make A Positive Area: There are specific sorts of Dhoop cups that clear negative imperativeness and negative thoughts. They have a stand-out engraving or aroma to clean air and soul. The smoke made by some dhoop cups has great and unadulterated aromas that rinse the whole condition determinedly. 

Decrease Pressure – The scents of incense wash down the mind with its great nature fragrances, it has moderating force that helps with reducing the weight and strains. Various Dhoop cups prevent the blood loads and beat and moreover have been used in solid relaxations. 

For what reason is Dasangam Sambrani Cup So Significant in Hinduism:

The smoke that climbs from the duplicating of Cup are said to pass on the petitions of lovers up to the Gods in heaven. 

The superb and magnificent smell of a Cup lifts the spirit of the fans and cleans their cerebrums up wiped out insights.


10.5×7.3×7.7(LBH in inch)



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