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Panchajanya agarbattis are very specially made up natural fragrances for healthy atomosphere during pooja and also for healthy livings


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Panchajanya Agarbattis 100Gms X 6 (Pack Of 6)

Panchajanya Agarbattis brings to you Incense Sticks to inspire your home’s or office’s climate. It renews the air and kills awful scents with a warm and invigorating Sandal aroma. You can utilize it for anything from pujas to your reflection meetings. Upgrade the mood of your home or office with these incense sticks from Panchajanya.
It is made to flawlessness with a reasonable mix of basic oils, herbs, and wood powders. This cherished craft of making incense is passed on through ages and is as appropriate for use in homes and working environments as in sanctuaries.

More About Agarbatti:

Refresh The Air:

This item adequately refreshes the air in the room and dispenses with awful scents, making an intriguing and loosening up condition in your home or office.

Shoe aroma:

These incense sticks give a warm Sandal aroma, invigorating the insides of your home with a wonderful fragrance.

Enduring Aroma:

Panchajanya incense sticks consume for 47 minutes, furnishing you with enduring scent during puja or fragrant healing meetings

In Short About This Product:

  • Panchajanya Incense Sticks with a warm and reviving Sandal aroma.
  • Renews the air and takes out terrible scents.
  • Perfect for making a quieting environment at home or the workplace.
  • Ideal for pujas, aromatic healing, and contemplation
  • Likewise accessible in lavender, rose and jasmine aromas.
  • Wellbeing headings: Burn away from kids and pets. Guarantee that remains fall on a flame-resistant and heat-safe surface

Key Features:

  • The great oriental sandalwood has a delightful waiting fragrance.
  • Round Sticks with Natural oils.
  • Unadulterated Floral Incense sticks with Natural Aroma.
  • Most appropriate for Daily family use, office use, exceptional events, family assembling, get-togethers, reflection, and others.
  • We don’t utilize the plunging procedure, in this manner making non-lethal incense sticks, appropriate for indoor use.

PRODUCT NAME: PANCHAJANYA AGARBATTIS 100GMS X 6                                      BRAND : PANCHAJANYA

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 3 × 6 × 10.3 in


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